Supported Employment

The latest addition to The Campbell Center programs, Supported Employment is a service that helps individuals with disabilities find and maintain meaningful, integrated employment at companies throughout the community.

The program provides great benefits to the customer company for many reasons:

  • Helps reduce recruiting costs
  • Reduces training time and lost productivity
  • Reduces staffing expenses
  • Gives the opportunity to help empower members of the community

Clients are matched to the employing company needs; can be part-time or full-time depending on the Client’s preferences and abilities; pay at least minimum wage making them competitive. By placing Clients, The Campbell Center can offer reduced recruiting and interview costs, provide on the job training and ongoing support.

Employers can select from two employment models:

Individual Supported Employment

The Client is employed by the employer for at least 16 hours per week with at least minimum wage and benefits (if applicable) and has the support of a job coach, at no cost to the employer, to provide on the job training to the Client. These job coaching provisions begin at 100% of the time and, over a period (usually within six months) fade to a minimal number of hours depending on the needs of both the Client and the employer.

Group Supported Employment

The Group Supported Employment model offers two options to choose from. Both of the group options below require at least three(3) Clients on the crew with a maximum of eight(8) Clients, excluding the job coach.

Group Option One

The first option provides a site-based crew employed by the employer with a job coach who maintains 100% support. Clients are compensated by the employer and are on the employer’s payroll.

Group Option Two

The second option provides a group contracted to your company with the support of a job coach 100% of the time. With this option, The Campbell Center is the employer, relieving the contracting company of costs such as compensation insurance and payroll.

Need more info or have questions? Please contact Angela Cooper, CESP, Director of Employment, at 818.242.2434 or by e.mail at